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Bitcoin, BTC is a digital currency whose platform was officially launched on January 3, 2009. BTC is based on blockchain technology and is a fully decentralized virtual means of payment.

Where can I pay in BTC?

Paying and sending BTC is available to any user around the world. At the moment, the most famous countries where BTC payments are widely accepted are the UK, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore.

How is BTC exchanged?

Bitcoins can be sent not only in whole coins, but also in its fractional units. The smallest number of coins that can be sent from a cryptocurrency wallet is 1 S

How to buy bitcoin?

There are special cryptocurrency exchanges and exchanges for this purpose, for example, Cryptex.Exchange and

BTC currency pairs

Below are all the currency pairs available for conversion with the main currency of your choice. In the “Exchange rate” column, you can compare its value when exchanging in different currency pairs. To convert, select your option and follow the link in the “Conversion” column.

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