Trading fees

Currency pairs without specifying fee rates are under moderation. Adding another trading pairs will occur when the demand is formed. (Our key priority is a high-quality service, and high demand/supply creation is its most important component).

Transaction fee

Fee maker / taker
BTC/USDT0 % / 0.2 %
DAI/USD0 % / 0.1 %
DASH/USDT0.2 % / 0.2 %
ETH/USDT0.2 % / 0.2 %
LTC/USDT0.2 % / 0.2 %
TRX/USD0 % / 0.2 %
TUSD/USD0 % / 0.1 %
USDC/USD0.2 % / 0.2 %
USDT/PM0.2 % / 0.3 %
USDT/USD0 % / 0.1 %
USDT20/USD0 % / 0.1 %
XMR/USDT0.2 % / 0.2 %

Deposit funds

Min amount
Max amount
Cash Turkey USDno limitno limit2.5%
Cryptex code DAIno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code PMno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code TUSDno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code XMRno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code LTCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code USDCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code ETHno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code DASHno limitno limit0%
Cash Uzbekistan USDno limitno limit3%
Cash Czech USDno limitno limit3%
Cryptex code USDno limitno limit0%
Tron TRX0.0001 TRXno limit0%
Cash Georgia USDno limitno limit3%
Bitcoin BTCno limitno limit0%
PerfectMoney PMno limitno limit0%
PerfectMoney Voucher PMno limitno limit0%
Monero XMRno limitno limit0%
Dash DASHno limitno limit0%
Ethereum ETHno limitno limit0%
Litecoin LTCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code BTCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code USDTno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code USDT20no limitno limit0%
USDT20no limitno limit0%
Cash Moldova USDno limitno limit2.5%
USDCno limitno limit0%
USD Tether USDT0.99 USDTno limit0%
TUSDno limitno limit0%
DAIno limitno limit0%
Cash United Arab Emirates USD5000 USDno limit4%
Cash Iran USDno limitno limit5%
Cash United Kingdom USDno limitno limit4%
Cash RU RUB USD3000 USDno limit1%
Cash Azerbaijan USDno limitno limit2.5%
Cash RU RUB Regions USD3000 USDno limit3%
Cash Russia (regions) USD3000 USDno limit3%
Bank card USDT100 USDT10000 USDT0%
Cash Russia USD3000 USDno limit0%
Tinkoff QR USD100 USDno limit0%

Withdraw funds

Min amount
Max amount
Cryptex code ETHno limitno limit0 %
Ethereum ETH0.001 ETH600 ETH0.01 ETH
Bitcoin BTC0.001 BTC100 BTC0.001 BTC
Litecoin LTC0.001 LTC2500 LTC0.05 LTC
Dash DASH0.001 DASH10000 DASH0.002 DASH
Cryptex code USDTOMNI0.001 USDTOMNIno limit0 %
Cryptex code BTC0.001 BTCno limit0 %
Cryptex code BTG0.001 BTGno limit0 %
USD Tether USDTno limitno limit5 USDT
DAI DAIno limitno limit30 DAI
USDT20 USDT205 USDT20500000 USDT2010 USDT20
Monero XMR0.001 XMR100000 XMR0.01 XMR
Tron TRXno limitno limit5 TRX
Card RUR USD150 USDno limit4 %
Cryptex code PM0.01 PMno limit0 %
Cryptex code USDT200.001 USDT20no limit0 %
Cryptex code USDCno limitno limit0 %
Cryptex code USDTno limitno limit0 %
Cryptex code DAIno limitno limit0 %
Cryptex code BCH0.001 BCHno limit0 %
Cryptex code TUSD0.001 TUSDno limit0 %
Cryptex code XMRno limitno limit0 %
Cryptex code ADV0.01 ADVno limit0 %
Cryptex code DASH0.001 DASHno limit0 %
Sberbank RUR USD20 USDno limit3 %
Cryptex code LTC0.001 LTCno limit0 %
Cash RU RUB Regions USD3000 USDno limit3 %
Cash RU RUB USD4000 USDno limit1 %
WebMoney USD1 USDno limit0 %
Cryptex code USD0.01 USDno limit0 %
Tinkoff RUR USD10 USDno limit2 %
PerfectMoney PM1 PM100000 PM0.5 %
Alfa Bank RUR USD50 USDno limit2 %
PerfectMoney Voucher PM5 PM100000 PM0.5 %
Qiwi Cashin RUR USD10 USDno limit2 %
Other Cash-in RUR USD10 USDno limit2 %
Yandex.Money Cashin USD10 USDno limit2 %
WIRE Transfer USD200 USDno limit6 %
Alfa Bank USD100 USDno limit2 %
Cash Turkey USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Russia (regions) USD5000 USDno limit3 %
Cash Belarus USD5000 USDno limit4 %
Cash Georgia USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Moldova USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Uzbekistan USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash United Kingdom USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash United Arab Emirates USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Azerbaijan USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Spain USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Advcash ADV0.01 ADV10000 ADV0 %
Cash Iran USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Czech USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Latvia USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Estonia USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Lithuania USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Germany USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Poland USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Armenia USD5000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Russia USD3000 USDno limit1 %
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