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Currency converter is a tool for calculating the value of funds when they are exchanged for currencies of other countries. Use the converter to know how many monetary units in a foreign currency you can get for the available amount. Our converter provides up-to-date information updated in real time.

How to use the converter?

  1. Enter the amount in the first window.
  2. Select from the list or enter your currency code in the second window.
  3. In the third window, put down the currency for which the exchange is being made.
  4. Click “Convert".

Ready! The converter will automatically calculate how much money you will receive during the exchange with an accuracy of up to 6 decimal places. The current rates in the selected currency pair will be shown below.

Currency Library

Here you can choose the currency to convert. Our online converter supports more than 150 currencies. Among them are the main international, as well as rare national currencies, some precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Each of them has its own letter code and the decryption of the name. Use a simple alphabetical search and start converting.

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