Withdrawal of funds from RUR account: Yandex.Money

Official website: https://yoomoney.ru

Withdrawals to Yoomoney (Yandex.Money) payment system are made in rubles at the current exchange rate, by depositing cash into the payment terminal, on weekdays from 10 am to 20 pm Moscow time. The amount in rubles must be a multiple of 100. The minimum withdrawal amount is equivalent to $10.

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To make a withdrawal you need to:

  1. On the Balance page, click the 'Withdraw' button in the USD card;
  2. Select ‘Yandex.Money cashin 2%’ in the method selection field;
  3. In the Amount in rubles or Amount in dollars field, enter the desired withdrawal amount (if you fill only one field, the second will be filled automatically according to the current exchange rate);
  4. Enter your Yoomoney (Yandex.Money) wallet number in the Wallet field;
  5. Press the 'Withdraw' button;
  6. Confirm action.

Average order execution time is 40 minutes. The status of your order can be tracked in the 'Withdrawals' section.

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