Withdrawal of funds from account in USD: Cryptex code

Cryptex code is a generated numeric-letter combinations of various cases, backed by the company's fiat and cryptocurrency funds. It allows you to transfer funds from user to user directly (p2p), without fees, instantly. You can sell Cryptex codes to our resellers (only for USD codes).

To use this withdrawal method, you must:

  1. On the Balance page, click the 'Withdraw' button in the USD currency card;
  2. In the method selection field select the 'Cryptex code 0%';
  3. In the Amount field, enter the desired withdrawal amount;
  4. If necessary, you can specify a specific recipient by entering his nickname in the system (you can find out or change the nickname on the 'Profile' tab of your personal account). Thus, the code can only be activated by the user with the specified alias, or by you. Leave the field blank if you want the code to be activated by any recipient;
  5. Press the 'Withdraw' button;
  6. Confirm action.

Within 10 minutes the system will automatically generate a Cryptex code, which can be found in the 'Withdrawals' tab.

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