About us - what is Cryptex

Founded in 2016, Cryptex is a cryptocurrency trading platform providing advanced services for every type of traders. Cryptex is easy-to-use and has a variety of trader’s tools.

Our core features are:

  • Fiat trading

Cryptex allows users to exchange between Perfect Money and Advcash, as well as to make direct exchanges of PM and Advcash for US dollars, USDT and BTC. At the same time, we don't charge any fee when you make deposits using PM and Advcash. For withdrawing funds to PM or Advcash, the fee is only 0.5%.

  • Trading Bitcoin against U.S. dollar with low fees

Visit the Fees page to see actual fees rates.

  • Complex security

Cryptex is one of the most secure exchanges, you can set up to 6 authentication factors simultaneously. Google Authenticator, email, IP, SMS, Telegram, Jabber – you can use it all for your account protection during authorization in any combination. We use advanced algorithms to control the money flow inside of the exchange. Also, we use cold storage. Our team is backed by professionals in the field of cryptography and IT security, we perform technical audits on a daily basis, as well as hack tests with promised rewards for any possible found breach. So, we can be 100% totally sure that your money will stay safe on our exchange.

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