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Cryptex is an innovative online cryptocurrency platform that provides individuals and companies with a wide range of financial services, providing end—to-end transactions in cryptocurrencies and fiat. For more than 10 years, we have been actively developing the following financial and technological services:

  • An online cryptocurrency exchanger. A fast, convenient and confidential online cryptocurrency exchange service for rubles and other cryptocurrencies at favorable rates. We value our customers' time by providing them with high-quality services without the need for registration and verification.

  • Spot trading. Cryptex Broker is our exchange division for spot trading. The personalized Cryptex Broker service allows you to safely store, trade and trade cryptocurrencies without any restrictions and limits. With the Cryptex broker, clients with a large trading volume get access to trading in fiat and cryptocurrencies in volumes beyond the limits of the reserves of the online exchanger. The broker's reserves allow you to make large transactions instantly. If our volumes are insufficient for the instant execution of your request, we will execute it in no more than a few hours.

  • OTC-deals. For serious clients, Cryptex offers the opportunity to conclude over-the-counter transactions for the purchase, sale and exchange of large amounts at a fixed rate on individual terms.

  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies for cash. We work with cash in more than 20 countries around the world. You can sell or buy bitcoin for cash by submitting an application through an online exchanger or make deposits and withdrawals to Cryptex Broker in all major fiat currencies, including US dollars, rubles, euros, pounds, dirhams, lira, zloty and uah. Cash is accepted and issued through a network of exchange offices, by courier or contactless through a bank safe deposit box to ensure maximum privacy.

  • Fiat transfers. We provide deposit and withdrawal of funds, and are also ready to provide companies and individuals with details for accepting payments from third parties and sending transfers worldwide via SWIFT/SEPA/SBP. We withdraw funds to any ruble MIR (ru) cards, as well as to Visa and MasterCard cards in dollars, rubles, euros and hryvnia, with a commission of 2% or more. In addition, you can withdraw funds to top up your balance with a commission of 0% through such popular payment systems as Perfect Money and WebMoney.

  • Internal transfers via Cryptex code. The Cryptex instant payment code allows you to pay with counterparties within the platform without commission.

  • Payment gateway. For high-risk and low-risk merchants, Cryptex offers a cryptocurrency processing service that is an excellent solution for accepting payments for absolutely any online business. Accept cryptocurrency payments through the Cryptex payment gateway safely, profitably and confidentially.

  • Large purchases for cryptocurrency. We are ready to provide comprehensive assistance in concluding transactions worth more than $50,000 with real estate, cars or luxury goods. Payment is possible worldwide.

  • A network of exchangers. We are constantly developing an international network of resellers for cash transactions. Leave a request on our website and we will contact you to discuss the prospects of our cooperation.

In addition to servicing cryptocurrency and fiat transactions, we are constantly improving the technological background of our platform to make our services as convenient and safe to use as possible. Already today, the following useful functions are available to you on the Cryptex platform:

  • Application Cryptex. Install our Cryptex Exchange application and exchange cryptocurrencies for cash and electronic money in a couple of clicks. For security reasons, we recommend downloading it only on Google Play.

  • Online monitoring.Track the cryptocurrencies available for entry into and withdrawal from the Cryptex platform without the need to log into your personal account.

  • Currency converter. Our online currency converter is ready to provide you with up-to-date information on the exchange rates of various currencies at any time. The data is constantly updated in real time. Using the Cryptex currency converter, you can always easily determine how much money in a particular currency you will receive for the funds you have. The Cryptex online converter supports more than 150 different currencies, including leading and rare national currencies, as well as precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

  • Wide range of security settings. The highest priority for the Cryptex team is the safety of your funds. To ensure the highest possible level of security, you can enable up to 5 levels of account protection.

  • Cryptex blog. Read useful articles, service reviews, useful tips and guides, in short, all the most important and interesting things about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

  • Monitoring global markets. Track rates, capitalization, issue size, information about stock listings, and a lot of other important data about a huge number of cryptocurrencies. Do you want your crypt to be displayed in our monitoring too? Please contact us!

  • The support center. An extensive online knowledge base on all technical aspects of using cryptocurrencies and the Cryptex platform. Do you have any questions? Be sure to come here, it is very likely that you will find the answer here.

The Cryptex platform is in the process of continuous improvement to meet any customer needs related to cryptocurrency transactions. Most of the services are provided around the clock, and our online chat is open 24/7, so if you have any questions, you can get answers to them in the chat at any time. We hope for a productive mutually beneficial cooperation!

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