What is Jabber and how does it help protect your account?

Jabber is the most popular open-source and secure protocol for instant messaging.

The Jabber network is like email. In this network, each user has his own address (Jabber ID) in the format user@domain.com (i.e., the same format as the email). Regardless of your geographical location, you can use your address to authorize and communicate with your contacts by installing the Jabber client on a personal computer or smartphone. The Jabber network is decentralized, i.e. servers, managing the exchange of messages is very much, which makes it as stable as possible.

On our exchange, you can set the security alert settings for Jabber in order to track the actions that occur in your account. Alerts will come in automatic mode from the bot.

Go to a Jabber tab on your Settings settings page.
Some Jabber-servers can receive messages from the bot for spam, so before enabling the feature, please add the bot cryptex@j.cryptex.net to your contact list.

Next, you can set alert settings for the following actions:

  • successful / unsuccessful authorization;
  • deposit/withdrawal of funds/opened deposit;
  • order is filled / partially filled / cancelled;
  • new message in ticket;
  • ticked is closed;
  • security settings updates.

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