Deposit account in USD: PerfectMoney Voucher

Funding your account using the voucher of the payment system Perfect Money ( A voucher is an electronic bank check that contains a unique digital number, activation code, amount of deposit or withdrawal, and the date of the transaction. Attention, make sure to check the actual fee rate on the Fees page.

In order to top-up your balance with Perfect Money Voucher you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Balance page and click the 'Deposit' button in PM card;
  2. In the method selection field select the 'Perfect Money Voucher';
  3. In the field 'Number' enter the unique number of your e-Voucher;
  4. In the field 'Code' enter the activation code of the voucher;
  5. Click on the 'deposit funds' button and confirm this action.

After that, the amount that was encoded in the e-Voucher will be credited to your account.

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