Deposit account in USD: Cryptex code

Cryptex code is a generated numeric-alphabetic combination of a different register, backed by fiat and cryptocurrency funds of the company. It allows you to transfer money from user to user directly (p2p), without fees, instantly.
You can purchase these codes for any nominal value from our resellers.

To fund your account in this way:

  1. Go to Balance page and click 'Deposit' button in USD card;
  2. In the method selection field, select Cryptex code 0%;
  3. In the Enter Cryptex code USD field, enter the Cryptex code that you have (You need to enter the code without spaces, this is best done by copying. You shouldn’t enter the code manually, you can enter it incorrectly);
  4. Click the Deposit button;
  5. Confirm action.

After that, the amount that was hidden in the entered Cryptex code will be credited to your account.

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