Deposit account in USD: Cash

Funding your account with cash through the courier. This service is available for whole territory of Russian Federation, also available: Turkey, Moldova, Georgia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iran and United Arab Emirates.

Requirements for Banknotes
Type: New blue dollars with security strip
Denomination: 100
Condition: Without marks and physical defects

The minimum amount for this deposit method is 5000 USD. We charge a 1% fee, (fee may be increased depending on the amount and delivery difficulty in a particular area). 

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In order to top-up your balance with Cash you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Balance page and click 'Deposit' button in USD card;
  2. In the method selection field select Cash by Courier;
  3. Select country and city;
  4. Choose a currency;
  5. In the 'Amount' field write an amount you want to add to your balance;
  6. In the field 'Additional information' enter the most convenient way to contact you;
  7. Click on the 'deposit funds' button and confirm this action.

We will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting, time and amount of the transfer.

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