Trading fees

Currency pairs without specifying fee rates are under moderation. Adding another trading pairs will occur when the demand is formed. (Our key priority is a high-quality service, and high demand/supply creation is its most important component).

Transaction fee

Fee maker / taker
BTC/USDT0% / 0.2%
DAI/USD0% / 0.1%
DASH/USDT0.2% / 0.2%
ETH/USDT0.2% / 0.2%
LTC/USDT0.2% / 0.2%
TRX/USD0% / 0.2%
TUSD/USD0% / 0.1%
USDC/USD0.2% / 0.2%
USDT/PM0.2% / 0.3%
USDT/USD0% / 0.1%
USDT20/USD0% / 0.1%
XMR/USDT0.2% / 0.2%

Deposit funds

Min amount
Max amount
Cash Turkey USDno limitno limit2.5%
Cryptex code DAIno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code PMno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code TUSDno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code XMRno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code LTCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code USDCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code ETHno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code DASHno limitno limit0%
Cash Uzbekistan USDno limitno limit3%
Cash Czech USDno limitno limit3%
Cryptex code USDno limitno limit0%
Tron TRX0.0001 TRXno limit0%
Cash Georgia USDno limitno limit3%
Ethereum ETHno limitno limit0%
PerfectMoney PMno limitno limit0%
PerfectMoney Voucher PMno limitno limit0%
Monero XMRno limitno limit0%
Dash DASHno limitno limit0%
USDT20no limitno limit0%
Litecoin LTCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code BTCno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code USDTno limitno limit0%
Cryptex code USDT20no limitno limit0%
Cash Moldova USDno limitno limit2.5%
USDCno limitno limit0%
USD Tether USDT0.99 USDTno limit0%
Bitcoin BTCno limitno limit0%
TUSDno limitno limit0%
DAIno limitno limit0%
Cash United Arab Emirates USD5000 USDno limit4%
Cash Iran USDno limitno limit5%
Cash United Kingdom USDno limitno limit4%
Cash RU RUB USD3000 USDno limit1%
Cash Azerbaijan USDno limitno limit2.5%
Cash RU RUB Regions USD3000 USDno limit3%
Cash Russia (regions) USD3000 USDno limit3%
Bank card USDT100 USDT10000 USDT0%
Cash Russia USD3000 USDno limit0%
T-Bank QR USD100 USDno limit0%

Withdraw funds

Min amount
Max amount
DAI DAIno limitno limit15 DAI
Cryptex code ETHno limitno limit0 %
Monero XMR0.001 XMR100000 XMR0.01 XMR
Cryptex code TUSD0.001 TUSDno limit0 %
Sberbank RUR USD20 USDno limit3 %
Cryptex code DAIno limitno limit0 %
Cryptex code USDTno limitno limit0 %
Tron TRXno limitno limit5 TRX
Card RUR USD150 USDno limit4 %
Cryptex code USDCno limitno limit0 %
Cryptex code USDT200.001 USDT20no limit0 %
Cryptex code PM0.01 PMno limit0 %
Dash DASH0.001 DASH10000 DASH0.002 DASH
Cash RU RUB USD4000 USDno limit1 %
Cash RU RUB Regions USD3000 USDno limit3 %
Ethereum ETH0.001 ETH600 ETH0.01 ETH
Cryptex code BTC0.001 BTCno limit0 %
Litecoin LTC0.001 LTC5000 LTC0.05 LTC
Bitcoin BTC0.001 BTC100 BTC0.0002 BTC
Cryptex code LTC0.001 LTCno limit0 %
Cryptex code DASH0.001 DASHno limit0 %
USD Tether USDTno limitno limit5 USDT
USDT20 USDT205 USDT201500000 USDT2010 USDT20
Cryptex code XMRno limitno limit0 %
WebMoney USD1 USDno limit0 %
Cryptex code USD0.01 USDno limit0 %
T-Bank RUR USD10 USDno limit2 %
PerfectMoney PM1 PM100000 PM0.5 %
Alfa Bank RUR USD50 USDno limit2 %
PerfectMoney Voucher PM5 PM100000 PM0.5 %
Qiwi Cashin RUR USD10 USDno limit2 %
Other Cash-in RUR USD10 USDno limit2 %
Yandex.Money Cashin USD10 USDno limit2 %
Alfa Bank USD100 USDno limit2 %
WIRE Transfer USD200 USDno limit6 %
Cash Turkey USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Russia (regions) USD5000 USDno limit3 %
Cash Belarus USD5000 USDno limit4 %
Cash Georgia USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Moldova USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Uzbekistan USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash United Kingdom USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash United Arab Emirates USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Azerbaijan USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Spain USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Iran USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Advcash ADV0.01 ADV10000 ADV0 %
Cash Czech USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Latvia USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Estonia USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Lithuania USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Germany USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Poland USD10000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Armenia USD5000 USDno limit5 %
Cash Russia USD3000 USDno limit1 %
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