Apartments for cryptocurrency in Miami

11.05.2021 |

Luxury housing condominium Arte Surfside, together with SolidBlock, is launching the sale of apartments for bitcoins and ethereum. If we talk about the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, luxury real estate in Miami has become the second expensive object, after Elon Musk’s cars, which can be bought for digital assets. That said, when looking at cost, the apartments clearly win - the cheapest space in a condominium is worth more than $10 million.

Arte justified its decision by the increased attention to the complex by technological and innovative companies that want to move their headquarters to the city limits. In this case, the efforts of the Miami authorities suggest that in the near future, this city will become one of the largest cryptocurrency centers in the world.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez himself has long been known as a supporter of free cryptocurrencies and innovative finance. In addition to initiatives to incorporate bitcoin into the city’s economic activities, Suarez spoke about owning cryptocurrencies in order to preserve capital. He, like many others, does not believe in the stability of the dollar because of the Federal Reserve’s soft monetary policy and especially amid the unprecedented public support for “helicopter” money. Such people are beginning to look for a “safe haven” for savings, and bitcoin is becoming one way to keep their savings from inflation.