Goldman Sachs calls on national regulators to give more certainty about cryptocurrencies

24.05.2021 |

Matthew McDermott, head of digital assets department at Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world, said that uncertainty and inconsistency in cryptocurrency regulation by a number of Central Banks leads to a slowdown in the development of innovations in finance.

According to him, bank clients are increasingly interested in a new investment asset, which, in this case, is bitcoin, although ethereum is also gaining strength. Thus, each new investor in digital gold sets an example for others, which allows the market to develop avalanche-like, bringing new institutional investors.

To no small extent, the interest of major players in digital gold can be traced during the recent decline in prices on online exchanges. Thus, if we talk about the addresses, whose account has more than 10 000 coins of the first cryptocurrency, have increased their investment by more than ₿122 000. And this is only according to the data, which is easy enough to analyze.