Argo Blockchain purchased an environmentally friendly data center

17.05.2021 |

Back in March of this year, a number of major mining companies reached an agreement to reduce carbon emissions from cryptocurrency mining activities. It is planned that by the end of this decade it will be possible to reduce the carbon footprint to zero, and to transfer all facilities to electricity from renewable sources.

One of steps to implement the initiative by Argo Blockchain was the purchase of two green energy data centers in Canada. Already, most of the company’s mining equipment is located at the new site, and the combined energy capacity of both facilities can reach 20 MWh.

Previously, owned the data centers, and all of the power was derived from nearby hydroelectric power plants. However, according to reports, the managing operator’s operations have been completely discontinued, and part of the space, along with the core team of support personnel, has been transferred to the full control of HIVE Blockchain Technologies.