Swiss Post makes it possible to buy bitcoins

17.05.2021 |

The Swiss postal operator, together with the online bank Swissquote, has released app for mobile platforms Yuh. Using it, users will be able to take advantage of a range of investment tools. In addition to classic assets - shares of hundreds of popular companies and exchange-traded funds - cryptocurrencies can also be purchased on the platform. You can buy, sell and exchange not only bitcoin and ethereum, but also 11 other digital assets.

Currently, the fee is charged only for the fact of buying or selling an investment asset and is only 1% of the transaction amount. All other transactions, including direct transfers between clients, deposits, storage and asset management are free of charge. According to the developers, the companies intend to continue to keep the fees at an acceptable level to achieve greater competitiveness.

Already now residents of Switzerland can install the application from the official stores of the operating systems. Also on the platform Yuh launched its own cryptocurrency, which, in fact, is a loyalty system. Swissqoin will be credited for transactions on the platform. For example, when a deposit of 500 Swiss francs or more is made, a similar amount will be credited to the internal cryptocurrency account.