Market Depth
Market Depth
Mid market price 5000.005
Name Price Volume Changes
BTC/USD29171.9893.83 -0.83%
ETH/USD1993.2375.26 0.00%
XMR/USD204.81249.82 0.00%
LTC/USD68.1925.38 -4.15%
DASH/USD63.200.00 0.00%
TUSD/USD1.000.00 0.00%
DAI/USD1.000.00 0.00%
PM/USD1.000.00 0.00%
USDT20/USD0.99343121.08 -0.50%
ADV/USD0.994524.00 0.20%
USDTRX/USD0.98104693.88 -1.01%
CRP/USD0.5354176.30 1.73%
TRX/USD0.070.00 0.00%
Buy Orders Total: 0.38 USD
Sell Orders Total: 21214.40 USDT20
Last trades
0.995199649.454346198651.20725.05.22 12:15
1.000142846.609517142846.61025.05.22 09:01
1.000588.087000588.08725.05.22 09:01
1.00036.92600036.92625.05.22 09:01
1.00187964.71555288052.68024.05.22 13:07
1.0151092.4320001108.81823.05.22 21:01
1.01545892.45812946580.84523.05.22 21:01
1.001210000.000000210210.00018.05.22 14:51
1.00170000.00000070070.00017.05.22 12:31
1.001290000.000000290290.00016.05.22 14:43
1.00167000.00000067067.00013.05.22 16:30
1.00045800.00000045800.00013.05.22 14:32
1.000111353.390483111353.39013.05.22 13:14
1.000150000.000000150000.00013.05.22 12:00
0.995350.545654348.79312.05.22 18:38
1.015350.896551356.16012.05.22 18:20
1.000136729.790824136729.79112.05.22 17:49
1.000150120.000000150120.00012.05.22 10:14
1.000142.094000142.09412.05.22 10:14
1.000950.338000950.33812.05.22 10:14
1.005500.000000502.50009.05.22 20:07
1.00551266.79082451523.12509.05.22 20:07
1.005330.090000331.74006.05.22 18:29
1.00521000.00000021105.00006.05.22 14:37
1.0057447.2513257484.48806.05.22 14:37
1.0104000.0000004040.00006.05.22 12:12
1.0106000.0000006060.00004.05.22 14:27
1.0053752.8886753771.65301.05.22 01:36
1.0153756.6453203812.99501.05.22 01:36
1.005460.000000462.30027.04.22 13:24
1.0053200.0000003216.00026.04.22 15:42
1.02536.00000036.90015.04.22 16:58
1.0254455.0400004566.41615.04.22 16:56
1.03080099.45728182502.44115.04.22 16:32
1.02520000.00000020500.00015.04.22 16:31
1.025180000.000000184500.00015.04.22 16:31
1.02520000.00000020500.00015.04.22 16:31
1.02580487.43024482499.61615.04.22 16:31
1.005139.860000140.55915.04.22 16:06
1.02519512.56975620000.38415.04.22 12:17
1.02250000.00000051100.00015.04.22 10:01
1.02062472.93235463722.39112.04.22 10:53
1.02019596.39019619988.31812.04.22 09:02
1.02017156.86274517500.00011.04.22 18:38
1.020693.814705707.69109.04.22 14:37
1.02040.00000040.80006.04.22 13:59
1.02040.00000040.80006.04.22 11:44
1.0102250.0000002272.50004.04.22 17:38
1.0104260.0000004302.60004.04.22 14:29
1.0001000.3258961000.32604.04.22 11:38

Buying USDT20 Tether through the Cryptex exchange terminal

The cryptocurrency Tether was conceived as a stabelcoin, the value of which is tied to the USD exchange rate on the global currency market. On Cryptex exchange, Tether based on ERC20 protocol is referred to as USDT20 and is a speculative asset with low volatility. Tether is also used for international transfers - the advantages of stabelcoin transactions over classic fiat transactions are low fees and fast network speed.

The daily volume of transactions using Tether exceeds $100 billion. This figure includes transactions with other Tether derivatives - EURT and JPYT, which are pegged to the euro and yen exchange rates. Currently, Tether USD cryptocurrency operates on the ERC20 token standard in the Ethereum network.

The team supporting the Tether project claims in its White Paper that the market capitalization is provided by real fiat assets held in the accounts of Tether Ltd. However, convincing evidence of this has not yet been presented. Nevertheless, Tether cryptocurrency remains an important asset in the global cryptosystem, and many global marketplaces have begun to accept USDT as a means of payment.

Transactions with the cryptocurrency USD Tether through an exchange or trading platform

It is possible to exchange usdt20 into fiat currency via Cryptex platform, which has its own reserve of cryptocurrency and finances, as well as integrated terminal for exchange transactions between registered users of the site. To buy or withdraw usdt tether, you should set the exchange parameters and enter the required amount - the currency is converted automatically according to the current tether usd exchange rate.

In 2021 Cryptex celebrated its five-year anniversary on the cryptocurrency market. Cryptex is one of the few exchanges which do not require mandatory verification from their customers - it is enough to register via email. The leading payment systems are connected to the platform: Visa/Mastercard, WebMoney, Qiwi, YMopeu (Yandex Money), Perfect Money, AdvCash.

Features of Tether exchange and trading on Cryptex:    

  • the most loyal terms among the exchangers of USDT20;
  • operators work 24/7 - on-line resolution of issues immediately after the request and fast exchange of cryptocurrencies at any time;   
  • possible to use API for more efficient work on the exchange;
  • proprietary smart contracts on the platform to protect you from disadvantageous Tether exchanges due to market volatility using cryptex code.

USDT20 terminal for P2P-trading has the necessary set of tools: candlestick chart shows price changes and trading volumes of USDT20 in different time intervals, and the market depth mode shows the current balance of supply and demand. It is possible to open limit orders. If a user is looking for where to buy usdt urgently, he should use the exchange based on the personal Cryptex reserve.

Conclusions about Tether and the prospects for stabelcoin

As an investment asset, Tether is not the best option - the dollar exchange rate is stable, while Bitcoin and many altcoins show a strengthening against the dollar, and therefore against USDT, over the long haul. But as an intermediate currency to exit the market and take profits, ERC20-based Tether tokens are beyond competition, as evidenced by the daily trading volume with this staplecoin, which exceeds even the amount of daily transactions with bitcoin. In times of high crypto market volatility, the dollar and its digital version remain stable.

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