Market Depth
Market Depth
Mid market price 250.510
Name Price Volume Changes
BTC/PM39220.777.38 -9.72%
USDTRX/PM1.0343442.75 0.49%
USDT20/PM1.020.00 0.00%
PM/USD0.950.00 0.00%
Buy Orders Total: 24040.91 PM
Sell Orders Total: 8346.34 USDT20
Last trades
1.0203000.0000003060.00018.01.22 12:00
1.0204999.0000005098.98006.01.22 11:20
1.04510443.90000010913.87628.12.21 13:49
1.0002002.7627462002.76317.12.21 11:21
1.0202217.2372542261.58217.12.21 11:21
1.0452164.1933012261.58215.12.21 15:52
1.0446412.2773766694.41815.12.21 15:52
1.0441000.0000001044.00015.12.21 15:52
1.0441915.7088122000.00011.12.21 10:22
1.0441915.7088122000.00010.12.21 12:45
1.045814.229665850.87009.12.21 14:22
1.030796.000000819.88008.12.21 12:16
1.0331670.0000001725.11008.12.21 12:16
1.0341000.0000001034.00008.12.21 12:16
1.03485.00000087.89008.12.21 12:16
1.034915.000000946.11008.12.21 11:21
1.0341786.0000001846.72408.12.21 11:21
1.0343053.0000003156.80208.12.21 09:18
1.0362000.0000002072.00008.12.21 09:18
1.0383853.5645474000.00007.12.21 16:36
1.000489.255422489.25507.12.21 09:59
1.0001.0000001.00007.12.21 09:59
1.0334560.7445784711.24907.12.21 09:59
1.0381334.0500971384.74407.12.21 08:14
1.03814.69749515.25607.12.21 08:14
1.03810597.30250511000.00004.12.21 17:36
1.0335342.4500005518.75102.12.21 05:26
1.0354388.0000004541.58002.12.21 05:26
1.0355301.0000005486.53525.11.21 12:10
1.0355311.0000005496.88525.11.21 10:07
1.0384224.0558774384.57016.11.21 15:13
1.03316000.00000016528.00016.11.21 15:13
1.0359932.36618310279.99915.11.21 13:18
1.0292236.0286792300.87413.11.21 09:32
1.0316031.0378276218.00013.11.21 09:32
1.03213883.83349414328.11613.11.21 09:32
1.0352.0000002.07012.11.21 18:50
1.0352.0000002.07012.11.21 18:50
1.0353.0000003.10512.11.21 18:49
1.0352.0000002.07012.11.21 18:49
1.0353.5000003.62312.11.21 18:48
1.0353.0000003.10512.11.21 18:48
1.0353.0000003.10512.11.21 18:48
1.0352.0000002.07012.11.21 18:48
1.0351.0000001.03512.11.21 18:46
1.0355.5000005.69312.11.21 18:43
1.0355.0000005.17512.11.21 18:42
1.0355.0000005.17512.11.21 18:41
1.0352.0000002.07012.11.21 18:39
1.0355.0000005.17512.11.21 18:38

Buying and selling USDT20 for PM on Cryptex exchange

The exchange of USDT20 to PM is one of the most popular operations on the international cryptocurrency platform Cryptex. This digital asset is pegged to the U.S. dollar and the system is maintained by Tether Limited. USDT20 tokens are backed by a dollar reserve held on Tether's balance sheet. The developers of the cryptocurrency claim that behind every Tether token issued is a real U.S. dollar. Currently, the USDT20 exchange rate is {{ course_usdt20_in_pm }} PM.

With the Cryptex trading platform, you can carry out various operations of cryptocurrency exchange using USDT20. Access to the functionality of the exchange and the trading platform is open immediately after registration, without mandatory verification. Advantages of Cryptex service for buying and selling USDT20 tether and PM:

  • operators work 24/7 in Russian and English — round the clock exchange and support for traders of the exchange;
  • large exchange reserves — if there is not enough USDT20, the operator will inform about its replenishment;
  • no limits and restrictions on transactions;
  • individual exchange rate for investors with a solid deposit;
  • more than 20 ways to deposit/withdraw funds received during USDT20 exchange from the balance of the personal account, including visa/mc, perfect money, bitcoin;
  • API interface is supported on the platform.

The Cryptex international platform for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies has been operating since 2016 and guarantees safe and secure storage of users' assets. The main part of capital is stored on cold wallets, which eliminates the risk of losing assets due to hackers attacks.

More about USDT20

Few years ago, exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat with the help of exchange instruments was unprofitable and inconvenient. High fees, slow transaction processing and dependence on market volatility were to blame. The cryptocurrency USDT20 solved many traders' problems by reducing fees and speeding up the transactions. It was launched in 2015 on the Bitcoin blockchain, but later Tether also started working in the following networks:

  • Ethereum;
  • Tron;
  • EOS.

USDT20 tokens today are based on the Ethereum blockchain, and the network itself operates on the ERC-20 standard. The Cryptex platform offers USDT20 cryptocurrency exchange using a personal reserve, as well as a modern trading terminal for P2P exchange trading.

According to the open data of cryptocurrency networks through which USDT20 transactions are being processed, the cryptodollar token is used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies even more than bitcoin. USDT20 is a sought-after asset for traders. Because of the ability to exchange quickly at a steady base rate, exchange traders use USDT20 in short-term strategies.

Tether USDT20 withdrawal

Tether refers to a special group of cryptocurrencies — Stablecoins. These are digital assets that are used to eliminate the effects of cryptocurrency market volatility on transactions. Withdrawing USDT20 at the current dollar exchange rate can be done at any time, whereas exchanging Bitcoin and ethereum for fiat can be unprofitable due to the intra-day drop-off in the cryptocurrency value.

The popularity of USDT20 cryptocurrency is growing every day, and more and more often it is used not only as a tool for cryptocurrency exchange while trading, but also as an independent means of payment. Many trading platforms in the U.S., Europe and Asia support Tether payment directly. In Russia and the CIS, the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment is not yet so common, so to use digital money, you must first withdraw USDT20 to your wallet in any fiat currency.

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