Market Depth
Market Depth
Mid market price 8.005
Name Price Volume Changes
BTC/USD60463.4054.11 3.52%
ETH/USD4309.830.20 0.05%
XMR/USD264.9013788.67 0.24%
DASH/USD207.900.00 0.00%
LTC/USD187.36114.27 3.38%
BTG/USD57.000.00 0.00%
TUSD/USD1.011000.00 0.00%
XEM/USD1.000.00 0.00%
USDTRX/USD1.003903514.73 0.00%
DAI/USD0.990.00 0.00%
USDT20/USD0.990.00 0.00%
ADV/USD0.982919.72 -0.10%
PM/USD0.950.00 0.00%
CRP/USD0.34166.00 -92.39%
TRX/USD0.090.00 0.00%
Buy Orders Total: 1677.00 USD
Sell Orders Total: 568.00 CRP
Last trades
0.33829.000000009.80228.10.21 16:45
0.22228.000000006.21628.10.21 05:20
0.42140.0000000016.84028.10.21 02:29
0.37669.0000000025.94427.10.21 19:54
4.43938.00000000168.68227.10.21 17:03
0.3551400.00000000497.00027.10.21 13:40
0.3501200.00000000420.00027.10.21 13:40
0.347800.00000000277.60027.10.21 13:40
0.346535.29190752185.21127.10.21 13:40
0.20138.000000007.63827.10.21 11:20
0.29938.8545900011.61827.10.21 08:29
0.346214.7080924874.28927.10.21 06:31
0.3451500.00000000517.50027.10.21 06:29
0.341920.00000000313.72027.10.21 06:29
0.340990.00000000336.60027.10.21 06:29
0.340510.00000000173.40027.10.21 06:28
0.333630.82582583210.06527.10.21 06:28
0.28453.0000000015.05226.10.21 23:55
0.333328.17417417109.28226.10.21 22:25
0.323822.73000000265.74226.10.21 22:25
0.300699.78333334209.93526.10.21 22:25
0.25977.0000000019.94326.10.21 20:12
0.22758.0000000013.16626.10.21 17:21
0.300300.2166666690.06526.10.21 15:33
0.290500.00000000145.00026.10.21 15:33
0.270999.00000000269.73026.10.21 15:33
0.250200.0000000050.00026.10.21 15:32
0.240500.00000000120.00026.10.21 15:32
0.2303000.00000000690.00026.10.21 15:32
0.2204837.800000001064.31626.10.21 15:32
0.208163.3530469233.97726.10.21 15:31
0.16242.000000006.80426.10.21 14:29
0.18833.000000006.20426.10.21 08:47
0.20743.597800009.02526.10.21 03:04
0.19951.9886000010.34626.10.21 00:12
0.20332.368700006.57125.10.21 21:21
0.18344.000000008.05225.10.21 18:29
0.17918.031790003.22825.10.21 14:46
0.19358.0000000011.19425.10.21 11:55
0.18624.047010004.47325.10.21 03:20
0.20537.000000007.58525.10.21 00:28
0.19157.0000000010.88724.10.21 21:37
0.20218.000000003.63624.10.21 18:45
0.20381.0000000016.44324.10.21 15:53
0.20324.000000004.87224.10.21 13:02
0.19230.304500005.81824.10.21 10:10
0.16842.863350007.20124.10.21 09:19
0.19445.000000008.73024.10.21 06:27
0.18825.000000004.70024.10.21 03:36
0.16025.000000004.00023.10.21 21:53

Buying CRP with USD

Crypton is the internal cryptocurrency of the Utopia ecosystem, built on distributed ledger technology and providing extensive opportunities to its users. Using Utopia you can make secure transactions with automatic execution and setting a wide range of parameters, make bets on a variety of events, communicate with people from all over the world, and transfer funds with minimal charges.

How to buy Crypton for U.S. dollars

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex allows to use all the privacy benefits of the Utopia blockchain ecosystem. With no mandatory verification being required, a user can remain anonymous both when exchanging CRP to USD and back, and when withdrawing Crypton to their own account within the ecosystem on the distributed ledger.

To buy Crypton, it is enough to choose from the offers for sale available on Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange, and if the price of the asset is sufficient and the volume of supply will fully cover the need for the digital asset, then it is enough to accept the order, which will be executed automatically. The process of selling is similar to buying, but you will have to choose from the available orders to buy.

In cases where the bid price does not meet expectations, or where the currently available liquidity is insufficient, it is always possible to create your own limit order. In the first case, you can set your own value for the asset, and in the second, when the available supply does not cover the necessary volume, you can use the Trailing Limit function, which allows you to automatically change the price in accordance with the average market offer, setting the deviation from the current rates as a percentage. Thus, if you need to exchange CRP for U.S. dollars quickly, you can add a premium to the weighted average rate, and when the goal of buying does not require rapid execution, you can put a discount of a few percent, and the counter offer will still be found.

Possible questions when exchanging CRP to USD

Why does it take so long for an open order to be executed?

The internal cryptocurrency of the blockchain ecosystem Utopia is still relatively young, but it is already gaining the proper trust of users. Therefore, not many people are ready to accept payments and conclude contracts using Crypton in their work. Hence the relatively low liquidity on online exchanges at the moment. But in the near future this state of affairs will change. More and more people are ready to start transitioning to the new era of WEB 3.0, which will lead to wider use of cryptocurrencies and, in particular, CRP.

Why could Utopia be a new word in the development of the Internet?

In the current situation, the Internet has become a tool for collecting and storing information about users. Not everyone is happy with this state of affairs. Therefore, developers, economists and others have thought about the transition to the technology of distributed, encrypted single space for activities on the network. This technology is called WEB 3.0, and Utopia is one of the brightest representatives of the new system. If you, like many, are no stranger to the question of privacy and security of personal data, then the ecosystems on a distributed registry can always find the necessary solution. It only remains to convince the environment to switch to a new communication platform, and the next era of Internet development will become even more accessible.