How to place an order to buy BTC/USDT


The largest trading volume on cryptocurrency online exchanges is always recruited in the BTC/USDT pair. Buying or selling bitcoins for USDT is most profitable on the trading platform.

How to buy and sell bitcoins at a market price

To buy bitcoin for USDT TRC-20, it is enough to enter the data in the “Buy or sell cryptocurrency" window. The exchange can be made in the Instant Exchange service. To do this, select a trading pair for exchange and enter the amount to be debited or received. If the exchange is planned for the entire amount of funds available in the account, then press the MAX button. To complete the transaction, just click on “Buy BTC".

The sale of cryptocurrencies takes place in the same sequence, you need to choose the appropriate direction of exchange, the amount and click the “Sell BTC” button.

How to buy bitcoins for USDT at a certain price

If you are not satisfied with the current price on the online exchange, you can always place an order to buy or sell at a certain price. To do this, open the "Spot" window, select the desired trading direction and fill in the fields in the Limit section.


To set the desired price, it is enough to fill in the limited price field. The desired amount is entered in the amount field, after which an order is created to buy or sell bitcoin by pressing the appropriate button.

The order will then go into the order book and wait until it is executed until the other side is interested in the order. When the order is executed, the client will receive a notification via the selected communication channel. It is worth considering that the order can be closed by one order or can be executed in parts, depending on the market situation.


Placing order using prices from third-party resources


The bid or offer price cannot always be actual for a long time. For maintenance of quotations at a necessary level it is enough to create an order "Trailing Limit". It allows using the price from third-party liquidity providers with a specified deviation. You can create an order with such parameters on the corresponding order placing tab. The rate will be updated according to changes in the price on the selected external market.

Here you can set the limit price at which the order will be automatically executed, as well as select the price value to be taken from and set the deviation in percent. The request is created, as in the case of a standard order, by pressing the button to buy or sell.

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