How to use Google Authenticator in the two-step authorization?

To improve the security of your account from attempts to hack and steal, our exchange introduced a two-stage authorization system, confirming the deposits and withdrawal of funds through the Google Authenticator service. The system is designed to protect the account, even if the password falls into the hands of an attacker. To use Google Authenticator it's enough to have a smartphone based on the operating system iOS or Android.

How to enable?

To create a key, you need to install Google Authenticator. After installing the application, you need to click the Create button in Google Authenticator tab to create the key, and scan the QR code or enter it manually on your mobile device.

Next, you need to select the actions that will be confirmed with GA (you can confirm the login to the account and withdraw funds from the account), enter the key that is displayed on your device in the GA application and confirm the selected actions.

How to use?

In order to log in your account on the site you need to enter your username and password on Authorization page, or in the appropriate fields at the top, and click on the Login button, then a special form appears in which you have to enter a one-time password generated in the Authenticator application. Run the application on your device and enter the key that will appear in a special field in the form on the site. If you set the confirmation with GA to withdraw funds, then when you click on the Withdraw button, a form appears, which also requires you to enter a one-time key from the Google Authenticator application.

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