How to get Cryptex code?

Cryptex code are generated numeric-letter combinations of various cases, backed by the company's fiat and cryptocurrency funds. It allows you to transfer funds from user to user directly (p2p), without fees, instantly.

Our codes can be obtained in the following ways:

- contact operator for up-to-date list of our partners, or visit bestchange monitoring to find Cryptex code sellers.

- generate Cryptex code on our platform on the Balance page. Fill in the desired amount of the Cryptex code you'd like to generate, this amount will be credited to the account upon receipt of the code.

You can also additionally secure yourself and generate Cryptex code for a unique user on the exchange by specifying his ID in the appropriate field. In this case, the generated code cannot be used from another account. If you entered an incorrect recipient ID, or the recipient for some reason did not activate your code, you can enter it back into your account via the Cryptex code entry form.

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