Cryptocurrency AirDrop — a marketing ploy to attract attention

14.10.2022 |

About cryptocurrency AirDrop

Cryptocurrencies open up many opportunities for earning money. Mining can be called one of the most reliable, however, it will require initial investments. Somewhat more risky ways can be called active trading on the stock exchange or landing of existing digital assets. However, even without having the initial capital, you can start earning — cryptocurrency AirDrop allows you to receive tokens for some actions or just for registration.

What is Cryptocurrency AirDrop

The AirDrop of cryptocurrencies is most often understood as the free distribution of tokens by one or another project on the blockchain or a new cryptocurrency platform. As a rule, future customers or users receive new coins.

In most cases, to participate in a cryptocurrency AirDrop, you need to follow several steps:

  • register on the project’s website,
  • go through the verification procedure to confirm identity and prevent abuse,
  • create a separate wallet or link the address of an existing blockchain,
  • subscribe to the social profiles of the project on third-party sites.

Some projects may require some more actions to be performed, however, as a rule, all this is not difficult and does not take much time.

What are the types of AirDrop

Basically, the AirDrop of cryptocurrencies is divided into methods of conducting. Not all of them assume an absolute absence of initial investments. However, they can be considered a nice bonus.

The first two types are by and large similar to each other, with the only difference that in the second case you will have to perform a few more actions. So the classic cryptocurrency airdrop is carried out either completely without conditions, or it is enough to register on the project’s website and agree to receive a newsletter from its authors. In bounty airdrops, you will also need to share a project entry in your profile on a particular social network, or create your own post with information about the new cryptocurrency.

The second method assumes that the user is already using the platform. Here you can allocate rewards for loyalty. In this way, projects encourage their regular adherents, however, not always the tokens received can cost significant money in the future, especially if the project does not develop them further. It is also possible to distinguish hard forks, in which holders of cryptocurrencies receive the same amount of coins at the same addresses, but in a virtually different network. The most striking example was the branching of bitcoins into BTC and BCH.

Some experts distinguish another type of airdrop — investment. Although in fact the user receives free coins only for creating a new application on the existing blockchain, this is also a good way to get several tokens to implement their own ideas.

How not to get caught by scammers

When conducting airdrops, you can meet with many types of fraud, but everything, in essence, boils down to two points:

  1. Attempt to obtain personal or bank data of clients. In most cases, cryptocurrency airdrops do not ask for personal data, but use third-party platforms that are already known and have confirmed their security for identification. Therefore, a request to enter card details can serve as one of the main signs of fraud.
  2. In the second case, hackers are trying to force users to install third-party software with a virus included in it. Thus, any data can be stolen or hidden mining can be started. In most cases, private keys from existing wallets are leaked.

In order to prevent fraudulent actions in one’s own direction, it is necessary to carefully study the project’s website, search for cryptocurrency airdrops only on verified sites and pages on social networks, and also carefully treat your personal data.


Cryptocurrencies AirDrop is one of the ways to get some coins without investing your own funds. However, really interesting projects have rarely held free giveaways of their tokens lately. To get a few worthwhile coins, you need to constantly monitor profile sites and pages on social networks. At the same time, it is worth remembering that not always the received cryptocurrency will eventually be worth something, and the project itself may be fraudulent with hidden exploits in the contract. In any case, AirDrop can be a great experience and the first steps in the cryptocurrency world.