NFT — how to make money on non-fungible tokens in 2022 — Play-to-Earn (Part 2)

23.12.2021 |

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In the previous article we reviewed the option of making money on collectible NFT. However, this type of investment involves some understanding of not only the value of certain NFT collections, but also the ability to anticipate the behavior of the crowd. Often, turning to investing in NFT in 2022 you can get into a trap, called the lost profit syndrome. To somewhat mitigate the risks, you can resort to investing in non-fungible tokens from Play-to-Earn games.

Thanks to blockchain the problem that legend says motivated Vitalik Buterin to start working on Ethereum was solved, namely, a decentralized game where the rules are predetermined and unchangeable, and no one can influence the gameplay except the player himself. That is how the distributed ledger games appeared, which with the appearance of the token standard ERC-721 gave players an opportunity to earn good money as well. Previously, in some games players sold game items for real money, but this was actively struggled with the developers, but now it is completely legal.

Also, thanks to the blockchain, it was possible to completely avoid the possibility of fraud when selling game items and make each artifact unique, which gives additional value.

How you can earn on NFT games

Earning money from NFT Play-to-Earn games can be divided into four main ways:

  • Running a full node to keep the network running, similar to staking in Ethereum version 2.
  • Extraction of unique game items in the form of NFT tokens with their subsequent sale on the exchange or a specialized platform.
  • The third point also involves some involvement in the game process, and is the renting of game resources to other users.
  • And the last, but not the least profitable one, is reselling, or, to put it simply, speculation with game NFT tokens.

If with staking in principle everything is clear - it is enough to buy some native coins of the game or platform on which the game is running, “freeze” them on a wallet, and part of the profit will come to the address by analogy with the usual mining. Also the resale of game items in the form of NFT is not particularly questionable - the increasing popularity of games attracts more and more new players, while the number of game items remains limited, which forces new users to buy items in exchange for native game tokens. All you need to do here is to choose the right game and one or another in-game item.

But the ways of earning on NFT games related to the direct game can be interesting to many people, especially considering some casualness of the majority of existing projects.

Top 3 NFT games for real money making

Most NFT games belong to the Play-to-Earn category, so you can choose any genre, and make good money literally playing. However, this year there are several leaders in the number of players, in growth of native cryptocurrency capitalization, as well as in the trading volume of NFT items. They are the ones worth paying attention to first of all.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Currently, Axie Infinity is the most popular based on blockchain. Its gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the once-popular PokemonGO. Here you can also sell your “pets” engaged in their breeding. It is enough to have two playable characters, and to get the rarest specimen it is necessary to work a little harder, selecting the “genetics”.



Probably the most promising game just for making money. The developers of Splinterlands have implemented the idea of a blockchain-based collectible card game, where each card is a non-fungible token. For fans of this kind of game, you can earn money by completing quests, pumping cards, and selling NFTs on the internal exchange. Investors, on the other hand, can resell cards profitably, which is also quite lucrative.

Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead(./plant-vs-undead.en.png)

Developed based on the popular Plants vs Zombies game “Plant vs Undead”, also provides an opportunity to make a good profit by playing a familiar game. The essence of the game is to protect its central tree from the undead by planting additional plants. Also, like the game above, here you can earn money by selling looted items, as well as on the resale of the game artifacts.


This is still a good time to start investing in Play-to-Earn NFT games. No matter which way you choose to make money, the growing popularity is attracting more and more players, and therefore new funds to this market. However, the more people involved in the NFT-game field, the harder it will be to make money. Experienced players are able to show profits up to several hundred dollars a month with the right approach, and investors who prefer to deal with the resale of game items, can get up to several thousand percent annual profits. In this case, they do not give much time to this business - only two or three hours a day can lead you to good earnings on the NFT games.

Also, do not forget about the native game tokens. Their price grows in proportion to their popularity, and several coins in the portfolio of an ordinary cryptocurrency investor will allow to diversify the portfolio and earn money in the growing popularity of blockchain.