You can buy a ticket to a baseball game for Dogecoin

04.05.2021 |

The Oakland Athletics baseball team from California, which previously launched the ability to purchase season tickets to the VIP lodge This time it is possible to attend the home matches of the team paying with Elon Musk’s “favorite” currency - Dogecoin.

In this case, fans have the opportunity to save their money when attending matches. Ticket for two will cost almost twice cheaper. The usual cost is about $80, and when paying with DOGE will have to pay only 100 coins, which at the current exchange rate is about $48.

The company’s management is confident in the future prospects of cryptocurrencies. With the growth of Dogecoin quotes on online exchanges, and the high degree of popularity, especially among the younger generation, it was decided to use this type of digital asset when expanding the payment options. Moreover, the cryptocurrency sets new price records and occupies a confident fifth position among all cryptocurrencies by capitalization.