Americans are ready to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life

27.05.2021 |

Harris Poll in cooperation with CouponCabin conducted a survey among the citizens of the United States. Respondents were asked about their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. The researchers polled 2 000 working-age Americans, of whom 89% had heard of cryptocurrencies at least once.

As was to be expected, bitcoin was the best-known coin, mentioned by 71% of respondents. But the second place, unexpectedly, was taken by the cryptocurrency joke Dogecoin. The second most capitalized Ethereum ranked only third in popularity with 21%, sharing this figure with the stablecoin USDC. 18% know about Litecoin, the rest of the coins failed to pass the 10% threshold. Although there are prerequisites for such statistics - since the beginning of May, the coin meme has surpassed bitcoin itself in popularity by search queries.

About a third see cryptocurrencies as the future of finance, and a fifth treat digital currencies as questionable assets. But, at the same time, nearly a quarter see cryptocurrencies as an easy way to make money.

About half of able-bodied Americans said they want to receive marketing incentives in cryptocurrency, such as cashback on large purchases. Although quotes on online exchanges have not been very happy for investors lately, the popularity of the cryptocurrency sphere continues to grow.