Miners discussed the problem of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

25.05.2021 |

At the initiative of Michael Saylor, head of MicroStrategy, whose shares are traded on the high-tech stock exchange Nasdaq, a meeting was held between leading crypto-mining companies, major investors in digital assets, where the leader is the analytical software provider itself, and Elon Musk. The latter has long occupied the position of opinion leader in the cryptocurrency world, from his statements bitcoin prices can both “fly to the moon” and break the local bottom.

The main decision of the meeting was the creation of the Bitcoin Mining Council, the main purpose of which will be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the activities of crypto mining companies. Only thanks to this information, the prices of digital gold on online exchanges raised by more than 10% within a day. This once again confirms that the price of bitcoin, nowadays, is more formed by the information background, rather than its real value and value for the economy around the world.

In addition, mining companies have made a commitment to disclose the sources of their electricity and how much of it comes from renewable resources.