Receiving a salary in bitcoins became possible in the Netherlands

24.05.2021 |

The Domino’s Pizza franchisee in the Netherlands decided to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day in an unusual way on May 22, the day the first cryptocurrency payment was made for a real product. At the time, it became two pizzas worth ₿10,000, the equivalent of about $380 000 000 at the current exchange rate, or more than half a billion dollars at the peak of digital gold’s value. The fast-food restaurant chain has decided to allow its employees to receive a portion of their paychecks in bitcoin. Domestic law does not allow employees to switch entirely to digital assets - the minimum wage must always be paid in euros, but the rest can be transferred in any form by agreement of the parties.

In this way, the management intends to support the initiatives of its young employees, of whom the company has a majority. Many among the new generation talk in one way or another about digital assets in general and bitcoin in particular, so the possibility of receiving a bonus in digital gold may be welcomed with enthusiasm.