Bitcoin is greener than petrodollars

20.05.2021 |

In 2017, the United States Department of Defense reportedly burned up to one million barrels of oil per day. As is customary to compare miners’ consumption of electricity and the carbon left behind with countries around the world, if you compare the U.S. military on this indicator, it would rank a solid 55th place.

The United States Department of Defense is mentioned for a reason. It is their activities that support the current state of the world economy, where it is customary to measure everything in petrodollars. This problem was discussed by representatives of the Human Rights Foundation, co-founder of David Energy.

In their opinion, petrodollars threaten the environmental situation in the world much more than bitcoin’s computing power. Except that bitcoin mining has much more justification, especially from a human rights perspective. Energy consumption makes digital gold safe, and that is what makes it “so fantastic”.

Already more than a billion people are living with inflation in the tens and hundreds of percent. Half of the world’s population lives under authoritarian forms of government. Representatives of the Human Rights Foundation suggested that those who do not believe in the social significance of bitcoin should live for a year using the Sudanese pound, and only then give their opinion.

Bitcoin’s ultimate goal is to become a replacement for existing reserve currencies and, most importantly, to completely replace petrodollars.