Payment of utility bills in bitcoins is available

17.05.2021 |

The municipal government of Williston, North Dakota, has agreed with BitPay processing center to accept payments for utilities in cryptocurrency. Although it is already possible to pay with a range of digital assets through payment systems from Google, Apple and PayPal, but in this case the charge is three percent, and the payment itself is actually made in dollars after conversion. Direct payment, on the other hand, will only cost users 1 percent, which is one of the lowest percentages in the industry.

Subsequently, if the initiative earns popularity and has positive feedback, municipalities will expand the program to waste collection and recycling.

Williston has become the second city in the United States, after Miami, to incorporate free digital assets into its domestic infrastructure. Meanwhile, private businesses are already using the first cryptocurrency quite extensively. Bitcoins can be used to buy a baseball season ticket, apartments in a VIP resort and much more. Government authorities also want to keep up with the emerging changes and are testing different approaches to using the new kind of assets.