Ethereum miners earned more than $100 million a day

13.05.2021 |

Miners of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency have almost doubled their earnings from the bitcoin network. While digital gold miners earned an average of about $67 million per day over the past seven days, the figure for the ethereum reached a record $103 million.

Usually bitcoin miners earn more than their altcoin counterparts, but earlier this year the balance was broken. So etherium managed to show big numbers in February and April of this year. Prices on online exchanges, which set one record after another every day, as well as record-high transaction fees online, contributed a lot to this performance. The latest hardfork was supposed to change the situation with the cost of transfers, but global changes have not been achieved. In addition to the daily record, miners also managed to set a monthly record in April, earning $1.65 billion, falling just $50 million short of the digital gold figure.