Tesla for Dogecoin

12.05.2021 |

The founder of electric cars and billionaire Elon Musk has long been known for his love of the cryptocurrency launched as a joke, Dogecoin. He has repeatedly expressed support for this digital asset, believing that its success depends entirely on the will of ordinary people. Now Musk started talking about the possibility of selling his electric cars not only for bitcoins, but also for Dogecoin.

The billionaire decided to make the decision to launch sales using the joke cryptocurrency based on the opinion of the majority. To do so, he launched a vote on his Twitter. Although the possibility to buy electric cars Tesla for bitcoins is still only available to residents of the United States, the expansion of the borders of digital assets in both geographical and technological terms suggests a gradual acceptance of free money on the world stage.

Elon Musk plans to continue using DOGE in his commercial activities. The planned launch of a rocket to an artificial satellite next year will be fully paid for with DOGE. It was also decided to give the mission a corresponding name - Doge-1.