Most Russian investors do not support the digital ruble

12.05.2021 |

The investment and savings portal conducted a survey among Russian investors about the Central Bank’s initiative to launch a digital ruble. Most financiers are confident that the new type of national currency will lead to an increase in fraud and hacking attacks on all segments of the population. At that, a quarter of respondents are sure that only education and improvement of financial literacy can change the situation.

Only 35% of respondents spoke positively about the launch of digital currency of the Central Bank. And, while 29% are confident that the digital ruble will make the investment market more accessible, the majority believes that the situation will not change significantly.

38% believe that the effectiveness of the developed system will not produce the expected results, so their overall sentiment about the digital ruble is negative.

But among ordinary citizens the opinion about the digital ruble is somewhat different. More than half of all respondents allow the use of the new type of currency in their everyday life.