There is a growth of investments in cryptocurrency products

06.05.2021 |

Interest in cryptocurrency investment products [increased] over the week ( In the past seven days, deposits have increased by $489 million, which has not been the case since the last explosive growth that occurred in February.

Bitcoin remains the leader in deposits. However, the rise in Ethereum prices on online exchanges is causing increased interest in this type of asset. Last week, about $30 million was invested in it alone, and the total amount under the management of the investment company was a record $14 billion.

At the same time, the report says that on the European continent, interest in cryptocurrencies began to decline markedly, which led to an outflow of funds. But residents of North America only increase the demand for similar products. It is noted that more and more investors prefer to invest in riskier assets, choosing the possibility of obtaining higher profits, despite the potential losses.