Visa's capabilities in the field of cryptocurrencies are constantly expanding

30.04.2021 |

Speaking about the results of the second quarter of the current fiscal year, the head of Visa Alfred Kelly reported a high degree of readiness of the payment service infrastructure for the use of cryptocurrencies. The recent first cryptocurrency transaction can serve as partial evidence of this. Although it was stated earlier that all types of cryptocurrencies were to be included in the development plan, currently only talk about stabelcoins and CBDC.

In addition to providing payment acceptance, Kelly talked about a wide range of additional services. These include the purchase, sale and storage of digital assets, as well as APIs for the payment system’s financial partners.

Negotiations are also underway with a number of countries to jointly develop national digital currencies of central banks. The head of Visa said that the new type of money requires a special approach, and to ensure a high degree of confidence will have to work through all security issues, where the payment system has extensive experience which they are ready to share.

Visa’s main competitor MasterCard is also not standing still and is actively developing the cryptocurrency area. Recently it became known that the latter signed an agreement with a cryptocurrency processing center to issue a joint product - a plastic card with a credit limit and instant cashback in digital assets, which you can choose at your discretion from more than 30 kinds.