Over $10 billion blocked in Ethereum 2.0

28.04.2021 |

New records are being set in price terms on online exchanges in Ethereum – U.S. dollar pair. This time the mark of $2 646 was broken. Thus, since the beginning of the year, the second cryptocurrency rose in price by 50%, and in the last week by 20%, and this against the background of unprecedented falls of bitcoin.

The increased interest and, accordingly, the growth is due to several factors. Because of the bitcoin hash rate drop rose fees for transfers in the first cryptocurrency network, investors had to look for alternatives for settlements in the network. Then there was the hardfork Berlin, which lowered the price of gas. Although miners lost from this, in general, the users of the ethereum only benefited.

In addition, investors are particularly interested in the coin’s new protocol, Ethereum 2.0. Now there is already more than $10 billion in blocked state, which is about 3.5% of the current capitalization. The move to a new confirmation system - proof of ownership - promises significant improvements in several uses of the cryptocurrency at once. Although a number of experts say that the transition to the new protocol will reduce the decentralization and independence of the network, but the general sentiment in the cryptocurrency community is positive about it.