National League football player will start getting paid in bitcoin

27.04.2021 |

Sean Culkin, who plays for Kansas City in the United States National Football League, has decided to receive his salary for the current year in bitcoin. The contract amount is $920,000. Although the athlete himself calls his decision not the wisest from a financial point of view, however, the investment prospects of receiving a fee in digital gold remain extremely attractive.

Culkin is not the first football player to decide to tie his life to the world of cryptocurrency. Trevor Lawrence has an agreement with Blockfolio, which specializes in investment wealth management using digital financial assets and cryptocurrencies.

The United States is currently leading the way in integrating free cryptocurrencies into ordinary life. Already, a number of companies have told of their intention to pay their employees in bitcoins, which can also be used to buy electric cars from Elon Musk, buy season tickets to sports events and pay taxes. Thus, we can say that after Venezuela, the U.S. is the second country to include cryptocurrencies in everyday life.