WeWork started accepting cryptocurrencies

21.04.2021 |

An American workspace provider started to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for its services. The company has signed an agreement with BitPay to implement such payments. It is already known for sure that bitcoin and ethereum will be accepted, as well as stabelcoins USDC and Paxos. The announcement also mentions other digital assets, but the full list has not yet been announced.

With this solution, WeWork intends to meet the increasing demands of its customers. The head of the American provider believes that it is cryptocurrencies in the future that will become one of the centers of the global economic model.

The company does not intend to spend the coins received in this way - the digital assets will remain on WeWork’s balance sheet. More and more large companies are beginning to accept bitcoin as a means of payment, and, as a provider of workspace, digital gold is not for sale, which indicates the increased confidence of the major players. However, this trend has a downside - the reduction in the number of freely available coins makes the first cryptocurrency more susceptible to volatility. A large one-time purchase or sale order can significantly move the price in one direction or another.