Miami regulator may allow taxes to be paid in bitcoins

19.04.2021 |

In Miami-Dade County, Florida, it may be possible to pay taxes in cryptocurrency. Commissioner Cohen Higgins made that [announcement][]. A working group on the issue is currently being set up. As stated in the regulator’s letter, it will be possible to pay taxes to the budget not only with the first cryptocurrency, but also with Ethereum and Litecoin.

Thus, Miami authorities are moving systematically toward the full integration of modern digital assets into the county’s government structures. The mayor of the city has already talked about transferring some reserves into digital gold. There has also been consideration of the possible payment of state employees’ salaries in bitcoin. Thus, the U.S. District is now a leader in the progress of cryptocurrency acceptance at the state level. This possibility, in part, appeared because of the peculiarities of the legislation of the United States, where each administrative unit is endowed with the broadest rights in management, including finances.