Cryptocurrency Bitcoin price forecast for July 2022

01.07.2022 |

Medium-term forecast height

Bitcoin, however, like most other cryptocurrencies, began the second half of 2022 with a fall. A significant role in this was played by the withdrawal of large investors of their funds from funds based on the first cryptocurrency. At the same time, there are no signals for a change in this trend yet, and there are several reasons for this. Thus, the uncertainty in the future actions of the leading monetary authorities in the world does not allow us to make forecasts for future inflation and the value of classical assets on stock markets. Also, we must not forget that some companies have increased operating costs, which forces them to withdraw liquidity from risky assets and direct it to support current activities.

Thus, we can expect that the forecast of bitcoin price for July 2022 cannot be called positive. According to technical signals, including the «fear and greed index», the next support is at $16,700, and the psychological mark can be called $15,000. The number of unprofitable investments in cryptocurrencies is also growing, which makes the reputational background less attractive and can lead to a panic sale by those who invested in bitcoin amid news of rapid growth at times of peak prices on cryptocurrency exchanges.

But do not forget that when we talk about investing in cryptocurrencies, we always mean long–term horizons, and in the perspective of three to five years, bitcoin has absolutely every chance to overcome the $150,000 bar for one coin, thus showing more than a twofold increase in investments, even for those who have purchased digital gold at record prices.

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