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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Price forecast for June 2022

01.06.2022 |

Medium-term forecast height

May has traditionally not been the best time for the cryptocurrency world. 2022 was no exception. However, the bitcoin price forecast for June promises to be more optimistic. Let’s consider the main causes of the fracture.

The main thing is the stabilization of the situation in other markets and the optimistic mood of investors to the current circumstances. The majority, diversifying the portfolio, decided to abandon such a risky asset as bitcoin, however, at this time others only increased their positions. At the same time, there were more sellers, which we saw in May. Now, investors will once again turn their attention to cryptocurrencies, which allows you to build a forecast of bitcoin price based on the growth of buyers.

Another aspect of the global economy is also looking good — the recovery of China and India. The gradual abolition of coronavirus restrictions in the Middle Kingdom allows us to hope for a recovery and even an increase in previous indicators, followed by other regions. However, the same rapid recovery of the cryptocurrency market in June 2022 cannot be expected: most countries have curtailed programs to support their citizens by distributing helicopter money, some of which appeared on the market at the beginning of last summer.

Thus, a specific forecast of the bitcoin price in June 2022 can be formulated as follows: in the first decade, a slight increase to the level of $36,000 – $38,000 is possible, then a correction will occur, which, however, is unlikely to break the $32,000 bar. But the last decade of June allows us to talk about growth already to more significant indicators. So technical indicators show that the growth potential is currently in the horizon of 30 days is about $ 42,000.

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