TOP Cryptocurrencies with High Potential in 2022

03.02.2022 |

Which cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022

2021 has become a very significant year for cryptocurrencies. Digital assets have taken the place of a “safe haven”, where investors have escaped from high inflation, and ordinary citizens have multiplied the additional money received as part of quantitative easing by many monetary regulators. So the leading bitcoin and ethereum, which account for more than 60% of the trading turnover on online cryptocurrency exchanges, have risen almost three times, and the cryptocurrencies jokes Dogecoin and ShibaInu showed an increase of thousands of percent. And, if the potential can already be considered wagered here, then there are still a number of coins that can shoot this year.

What to invest in in 2022?

Last year Chainlink showed good profitability. However, it is necessary to look for entry and exit points. At the time, the asset was growing in price more than twice, which made it possible to show a good profit. At the same time, if the dynamics continues in 2022, then this coin has every chance to break into the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies. You can make good money on this.


This coin is worth buying because of the high degree of technical sophistication recognized by the cryptocurrency community. Transaction processing speed and scalability potential allow EOS to occupy a leading position. Since the beginning of the last year, there has been a sixfold increase in the coin, however, prices quickly returned to their starting values. Thus, we can say that the potential has not yet been fully reached.


A young coin with excellent potential. In just a year Cardano prices showed a tenfold increase, reaching 2000% at the moment, and so far interest in the coin is not planning to dry up. Therefore, 2022 may be a great time to profit from a young, but already successful project.


TRON compares favorably with many representatives of the cryptocurrency market. The greatest potential is given to it by the adoption of coins by communities of online players. Gamers buy and sell game content by TRON. Taking into account the growth of the online gaming market, TRON also has potential for growth.


The internal coin of the digital ecosystem with high bandwidth and a sufficient degree of reliability. If in the near future the development of technology WEB 3.0 will move to a new level, then DBX has every chance to become one of the native currencies of the new Internet.


Another platform for creating applications and contracts on a distributed registry. The development of the project and the ideas embedded in it allow some experts to express the opinion that Polkadot is able to have the same impact on the cryptocurrency world that Ethereum once had.


The last in the list, but not the last in potential coin. Due to the increasing throughput and ease of mining, many predict Solana acceptance of the coin by a large share of the cryptocurrency community.


This is a small selection of already established projects with high growth potential this year. However, they should be filled only with the speculative part of the portfolio. If you decide to use our recommendations, then you need to carefully monitor the information background and technical signals of these coins. If you can buy them now, then it’s better to exit the digital asset when information about the formation of the peak arrives.

Bitcoin and Ethereum should not be neglected as reliable assets, especially in the long term. At least 60% of the portfolio should be made up of these coins. Also, you should not invest in meme coins doge and shiba, although they still have potential, but they have already played out possible reasons for growth, in the future the potential will only dry up.

Digital assets are a volatile and high risks, but using the information correctly, you can join 4% American citizens who left the office for the sake of investing in cryptocurrencies. Of course, you do not need to rush headlong into the pool, but gradually using an effective tool, everything is possible.