Cryptex Press Releases

07.12.2021 |

Here you can see press releases about our company posted in various media.

Logo Yahoo Finance11.30.2021
Major mainers move to Russia as China bans mining.
The largest mining companies from China are moving their equipment to other countries after the imposition of bans. Although the Celestial Empire has stable logistics with most countries, it was still not possible to move such a large amount of equipment quickly. At this moment it's not possible to evaluate the effect of this changes, and final conclusions will be made only next year.
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Logo Newsmax11.17.2021
Cryptex is Now Offering Cash Withdrawals In Germany.
KYC-free cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex has extended its cash withdrawal zone and is now accessible in Germany. Customers may receive EUR in practically every city in Germany in a matter of days (mostly one day). Because we do not have trading pairs based on EUR, withdrawals are only accessible from the user's USD balance. You must first convert your Bitcoin to USD before submitting a withdrawal request in Germany. Remember to mention your contact information as well as the city in which you prefer to receive cash. Our manager will reach you to finalize the rate and to clarify the details you have supplied. The EUR/USD exchange rate will be determined by, according to a Cryptex representative.
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Logo AsiaOne11/09/2021
Platform for private cryptocurrency trading Cryptex can now assist customers in acquiring real estate.
"We investigated the potential of purchasing and selling real estate for cryptocurrency and discovered multiple options in several jurisdictions." Despite the fact that the legal framework varies widely from country to country, our attorneys will assist you in determining the best ways to carry out the transaction. As a result, we can assist interested parties in completing identical transactions in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, St. Kitts & Nevis, and a number of other countries.
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Logo Accesswire10/20/2021
Private cryptocurrency trading platform Cryptex is now able to help people with purchasing real estate.
"We were researching the possibility of buying and selling real estate for cryptocurrencies and found several solutions in different countries. Although the legal framework differs greatly from country to country, our lawyers will help to find the best ways to conduct the deal. Thus, we can help interested parties to complete similar transactions in countries such as Turkey, UAE, St. Kitts and Nevis and a number of other countries as well.
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Logo Newsfile10/11/2021
Anonymous cryptocurrency trading platform Cryptex added USDT based on TRC20 protocol to the listing. It has lower transaction fee and is widely used now.
"TRC20 tokens use DPoS consensus algorithm, so the network works faster and transactions cost less money if we compare it with ERC20 tokens," explains a Cryptex representative.
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Logo Globenewswire09/30/2021
Cryptex Added Tether Trc20 to the Listing
Anonymous cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex added TRC20 standard Tether for trading on the exchange. Given the problems of the Ethereum network, the stabelcoin based on the Tron blockchain has a number of advantages and is ready to squeeze the big brother.
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Logo Businesswire09/20/2021
Cryptex – an Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange Has Updated Its Blog Structure
The blog is now divided into several sections, which include articles about cryptocurrencies, investments and trading, general information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, tools and technologies, as well as news and forecasts.
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Cryptex app - anonymous gate to the world of Crypto can now exchange USD to Bitcoin or vice versa.
Cryptex, an anonymous service for exchanging cryptocurrencies into fiat and electronic currencies has added the possibility to exchange United States dollars to Bitcoin and USDT ERC20 and vice versa.
It's a registration free, so user has to specify just an email and a faster way of communication – Telegram or Jabber, so that a manager can promptly contact to make a deal. The app is available on Play Market.
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Logo PRNewswire.com08/25/2021
Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Cryptex Expanded the List of Countries for Cash Withdrawals
Cryptex, a fast-growing Bitcoin exchange, was designed to provide crypto owners and investors with a simple and lucrative service for exchanging their digital assets with electronic currencies that they can use in real life. Cryptex Bitcoin Exchange allows users to implement the most complicated tasks and provide users with the opportunity to become completely independent from conventional financial systems.
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