Cryptex launches a payment gateway for accepting payments in cryptocurrency — CryptexPay

01.10.2022 |

About CryptexPay

The anonymous cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex is launching a new product — a payment gateway for accepting payments in cryptocurrency for online stores and not only. With the help of the service, the sale of goods and the provision of services for digital assets will become as simple as regular payments through fiat payment gateways.

At the first stage of the launch, such popular cryptocurrencies as bitcoin and litecoin will be available to sellers. The payment gateway will be useful for any type of business where it may be necessary to accept payments in cryptocurrency without resorting to the services of fiat platforms. Currently, the market for using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in online retail exceeds $3 billion, and this figure is constantly growing. And if we take into account that domestic online stores are gaining more and more popularity abroad due to the high dollar exchange rate against the ruble, then accepting payments in cryptocurrency will help increase the reach of potential buyers without having to go through a complex currency control procedure.

To integrate CryptexPay into your system, a business does not have to make complex settings on its side — it is enough to connect the payment gateway via the API to the CRM and website, and all information will be available in the merchant’s personal account on . Thus, any online store or service provider will be able to significantly expand the geography of coverage, and unlike fiat payment gateways, cryptocurrency conversion takes place with a lower commission than the automatic exchange of national currencies.

The first version of the payment gateway does not involve automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat. To receive money in cash or to bank details, it will be necessary to manually make an exchange on the stock exchange at current prices, which can also make it possible to earn on the difference in exchange rates at the time of sale and the time of exchange. In the future, automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat will be available for CryptexPay users. At the same time, the exchange procedure can be configured according to a fairly wide range of criteria.