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Cryptocurrency results of 2021 from the Cryptex

31.12.2021 |

About Cryptex in 2021

For users of the Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange, the year 2021 was quite successful. In addition to the general growth of quotations of digital assets, there are also improvements in the work of the platform that many people love.

Now “Cryptex” is not only a profitable exchange of cryptocurrencies for cash, which is used by more and more people around the world, but also a fairly useful information resource where you can find the latest news and descriptions of various aspects of the cryptocurrency world, from technology to ideas for the appearance of a particular coin.

Cryptex also added several new cryptocurrency pairs in 2021. The most important thing is that now with the help of us you can buy real estate or luxury objects for cryptocurrency around the world.

Next year, our team, seeing a request from the business side, decided to introduce payment acceptance in cryptocurrency for retail with automatic, and, most importantly, anonymous conversion into fiat currencies. It will be possible to receive money both in cash in more than 20 countries, and by transfers through banks or payment systems, including card systems.

We hope that next year will also be positive for the entire cryptocurrency community. And we work for you without days off and holidays 24/7.

Happy New Year!