Wright — the imaginary Nakomoto and his confrontation with Kleiman

26.07.2022 |

About Craig Milton Wright

Many would like to carry the title of an innovator in a particular field. Some work for years to achieve what they want, but they never rise to the top. Others, even having created a breakthrough technology, prefer to remain in the shadows and do not reveal their true name.

Craig Wright — Satoshi Nakomoto

Craig Wright has been calling himself Satoshi Nakomoto for a long time. He is not the first and not the last who tried to ascribe to himself the laurels of the creator and bitcoin and the parent of the entire cryptocurrency industry. And this statement, like many others, would have gone unnoticed if Wright had not decided to prove his authorship in the courts.

Partially pseudo Satoshi was able to achieve his goal by obtaining permission to make claims to the site bitcoin.org regarding the use of the “white paper” of the first cryptocurrency.

But much more interesting is the civil process between Craig’s brother and his partner’s sister Ira Kleiman.

Kleiman vs. Wright

The main claim of the late Dave Kleiman’s sister is 820,000 bitcoins stored at various addresses, which Wright allegedly has access to. According to the latter, private keys to wallets, as well as other evidence of his involvement in the creation of the first cryptocurrency, are stored in an encrypted file that only he has access to.

According to Ira, Craig has the opportunity to gain access to the private keys on which the coins of the first cryptocurrency mined in partnership with her brother are stored. Intellectual property is also indicated in the claim, the proof of which is also in Wright’s possession.

However, abstracting from those almost a million bitcoins, Satoshi Nakomoto can no longer receive dividends from his brainchild — bitcoin belongs entirely to the community, and only it can make this or that decision. And it is unlikely that it will be possible to collect any interest from users of cryptocurrencies.

Wright — “liar and fraudster”

In fact, even if Wright manages to achieve legal recognition of his bitcoin authorship, he will not be able to access the early coins that were mined by the developer of the first cryptocurrency — without actual access to private keys, it will not be possible to force miners around the world to recognize transactions from these addresses.

The cryptocurrency community would not be so organized and progressive if it could not protect itself. So back in 2020, already far away by the standards of the cryptocurrency world, transactions were made from 145 early addresses, where 50 bitcoin coins were stored, received during the mining process. And there would be nothing unusual in this, if not for one big “BUT”. Each transaction in the comment carried information that Wright is a liar and a fraudster, and he has nothing to do with the creation of bitcoin.

Instead of conclusion

In fact, it doesn’t really matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is. It can be Elon Musk, and a group of developers from different countries, and, judging by the style of communication, a British programmer. The main thing is what he gave to the world. And although cryptocurrencies will gradually enter the legal field of most states, if a certain person is legally recognized as the creator of bitcoin, he will not be able to receive at least some significant dividends from this.