How to get cryptocurrency in 2022 for free without investments

28.01.2022 |

About getting cryptocurrency without investments

The year 2022 did not start in the best way for the cryptocurrency world. In the first half of January, bitcoin lost about 30% of its value. However, this is not a reason to abandon digital assets. There are still ways to earn bitcoin from scratch, and taking into account the decline in prices and prospects, in the future it can give a good capital. Let’s look at the most popular ways. Not all of them belong to the category “absolutely without investments”, but it’s still worth studying them all, and who knows, maybe one of them will suit you.

Earn Cryptocurrency

The easiest way to get enough cryptocurrency is to earn bitcoins without investing money on freelance exchanges, where it is possible to withdraw money in cryptocurrencies. More and more similar sites offer this method of obtaining funds. However, it should be understood that for this method it is necessary to have some initial skills that are in demand in the online job market.

Here everything will depend on your abilities and perseverance. For example, a mid-level frontend developer can receive up to 0.03-0.04 bitcoins at the exchange rate at the end of January 2022. And if you use this method as an additional income and don’t get rid of cryptocurrencies right away, then this can be a good way to get bitcoins without investing your own funds for long-term investment.

Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets mean platforms that make payments in satoshi, a bitcoin exchange coin, for performing simple tasks. So, by solving a captcha, taking surveys or watching ads, you can get rewarded in bitcoins without investments. However, it is worth understanding that, in most cases, it is possible to earn not so many coins in this way, but this may allow you to move to another level of earnings, which we will consider in the next part of the article.

When choosing a bitcoin faucet, you should carefully read the reviews and ways to increase the earnings of cryptocurrencies without investments using these sites. By registering in several cranes at once, you can earn good money.

Some blockchain games can also be attributed to bitcoin cranes, where a certain amount of bitcoins is credited to the account for viewing ads and participating in games. However, the minimum amounts for withdrawal in such projects are quite large, which will require quite a lot of time. Also, some sites pay for training and correct answers to tests about cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, most of these platforms are inaccessible to residents of the CIS, but soon some of them promise to provide access to us.

Blockchain Games

A similar type of bitcoin earnings without investments in 2022, we have already reviewed. However, let’s remember the basics.

Most games like Play-to-Earn allow you to receive in-game items for achievements and completing tasks in the form of non-fungible tokens. Further the NFT data can be implemented on an internal or external exchange for cryptocurrency.

It’s important to say that this method cannot be called earnings without any investments at all — in most cases, a non-zero wallet balance on the platform is required. However, if this method is combined with bitcoin cranes, then in this way it is already possible to earn a good cryptocurrency without investments in 2022. Some players, by their own admission, can generate up to $ 700-$800 per month, although it takes a lot of time.


In 2022, it is still possible to earn bitcoins without investments. Most of the methods do not allow you to get substantial income, however, gradually climbing the earnings ladder, you can eventually reach a good income. In any case, it’s worth trying one of the ways, and even a couple of thousand Satoshi received “by the fan” in 10 years can cost quite decent money.